Two Person Camel Halloween Costume

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Two Person Camel Halloween Costume. What Day Is It? Hump Day Yea!!! The hump day camel costume will be a huge hit this year at any Halloween costume party.

The two person camel costume is a huge hitĀ for costume parties. We will leave it up to the two of you to decide who gets to be the front, and who gets to be the rear of this costume.

You and a buddy can get dressed up in this two person camel costume for Halloween. I sure hope he (or she) is a good buddy though! This costume is available from You can also buy it on too.

Two Person Camel Halloween Costume

AMAZON.COM- Two Person Camel Halloween CostumeHALOOWEENCOSTUMES.COM- Two Person Camel Costume

  • 100% polyester
  • tan colored canopy with opening for the head
  • plush camel mask w/ mesh eyes so you can see out
  • 2 pairs of elastic waistband pants
  • 4 pairs of matching shoe covers

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