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Policeman Costume for Kids

This year your child will have a great time in this Policeman Costume for Kids. 

“Howdy, Ma’am. Do you know how fast you were going?”

Those are the dreaded words that some of you driving those little red speedsters have heard once or twice (or more!).

This Halloween your child can dress up as a policeman or police woman. Below you will find a nice assortment of  police officer costumes for kids. 

And since you are pretty familiar with the officer in the Policeman Costume for Kids, maybe you can talk your way out of the ticket.

Policeman Costume for Kids

Policeman Costume for KidsPolice Officer Costume Boy


If your child loves playing “cops and robbers” the way we did as children, this may be the perfect Halloween costume for him or her.  If you are looking for the best police officer costume for kids, here are some great choices.

Young Heroes ChildPolice Officer DeluxePaper Magic GroupPoliceman Kids CostumePoliceman Kids CostumeCalifornia Costumes ToysNew Child CostumePolice Dog Pet

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