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Sexy Phantom Costume for Men

You will be remembered for the amazing costume you wore this Halloween. Therefore, you should get the Sexy Phantom Costume for Men.

Oh my! Who is this handsome devil? Yes, he’s the one your mama warned you about. He is the quiet and seductive Phantom. He’s that bad boy musician without the long hair or MTV video.

When the Phantom steps into the room carrying his red rose for the one woman he seeks, all female hearts will pound in anticipation.

Every woman wants a man who will treat her with gentleness and who is not afraid to show her respect.

Sexy Phantom Costume for Men from Halloween Costumes .com

Phantom Costume for MenMysterious Phantom Costume

 Black Hooded Cape Phantom of the Opera Mask Mens Black Pants

To give you the best shopping experience and get the best pricing, some items are shown from more than one store. Check all the stores for the best pricing and shipping.

Sexy Phantom Costume for Men from Amazon

Dreamgirl Men’s Phantom Costume Black/White Medium

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Phantom Masks and Capes

In case you are interested in creating your own costume instead of buying one ready made, here are some great items to include.

 RedSkyTrader Mens Half Face White Half Mask – Forum Classic Styled Phantom Phantom of the Opera Venetian Black Half Mask Gold Lining Musical Blue

 Full Length Black Unisex 54 Black Taffeta Cape with Adult’s Phantom Opera Cape Adult Phantom of the Wicked Costumes Phantom Of

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