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Marvels Ant-Man Founding Member of the Avengers

Marvels Ant-Man founding member of the Avengers, is coming to the big screen for the first time.  The movie opens on July 17, 2015 and is billed as family action/adventure.

There have been some screenings of the movie and the reviews are very positive. They say this is good for a character who is not well known outside of the comics.  Ant-Man has the ability to shrink in size and increase in power.  Those who like the Avengers will probably like Ant-Man.

I’ve searched several online merchants and these are the only Ant-Man costume items I can come up with at this time.  Hopefully after the movie airs in July and sometime before Halloween, there will be many more costume choices for the Ant-Man character.  There are, however, an abundance of t-shirts.  If your child is wearing an Ant-Man costume perhaps you could coordinate with them and wear an Ant Man  t-shirt.

Ant Helmet Man Newest Cosplay PVC Full Head Halloween Masks for AdultsCostume — Ant-Man Movie Adult T-Shirt, XXX-LargeMen’s Super Ant Leather Jacket Coat Costume for Halloween Stand Collar M

More Ant-Man Costumes

Have Become Available

Rubie’s Costume Ant-Man Deluxe Child CostumeDisney Store Deluxe Ant Man Antman Light Up Costume Kids Size S Small 5 – 6Generic Big Boys’ Ant-man Unitard Trendy Morphsuit HalloweenCostume Full SetGeneric Adults’ Superhero Ant-Man Cosplay Scott Lang T-shirt Adult CostumeXCOSER Super Ant Helmet Full Head Mask Props for HalloweenRubie’s Costume Co Men’s Ant-Man Gloves

Ant-Man Founding Member of the Avengers

Ant-Man T-Shirts

There might not be many Ant-Man costumes available but there are a lot of t-shirts!  While we’re waiting for the costumes to come out perhaps you’d like to browse this collection of cool Ant-Man t-shirts from Amazon.

Ant-Man Pym Technologies T-ShirtMarvel Men’s Ant-Man Classic T-Shirt Marvel Ant-Man Men’s T-Shirt Ant-Man surrounded By An Army of Ants Marvel Men’s Ant-Man Classic Ant Swarm Ant-Man 2015 Marvel Movie Cotton T Ant-Man 2015 Cotton T Shirt For Men Black Marvel Little Boys’  Ant Man TeeMarvel Ant-Man Pym Technologies Marvel Big Boys Ant-Man Swarm Fire-Dog Men’s Ant Man Helmet T Shirts Ant-man Justice Heros Cotton Women Marvel Ant-Man Poster T-Shirt Marvel Ant-Man Vitruvian T-ShirtAnt Man Logo Big & Tall  Graphic T-Shirt Marvel Comic Heroes (Ant-Man -Schematic) Marvel Ant-Man Grow Adult T-Shirt-Silver Men’s Ant Man Classics Action

Ant-Man T-Shirts from Zazzle

These are mostly shown in a silver color but when you get to Zazzle there are lots of options for cool colors. Choose from red, purple, pink, yellow, green, blue, brown and lots more. We have Yellowjacket t-shirts as well.  Did you go to see Ant-Man Founding Member of the Avengers?

Ant-Man Ant Logo Tee ShirtAnt-Man Property of PYM Technologies T-shirtAnt-Man Flying With Ant Army Tee ShirtsYellowjacket Graphic Badge T ShirtsAnt-Man Helmet Icon TshirtAnt-Man Property of PYM Technologies T-shirtsAnt-Man Transforming T ShirtsYellowjacket Silhouette T ShirtsAnt-Man Composed of Ants ShirtsAnt-Man Leading The Charge T ShirtsAnt-Man and Ants Graphic T ShirtAnt-Man Watercolor Graphic Tee ShirtAnt-Man With Ant Army TeesDistressed Ant-Man Badge ShirtAnt-Man Atomic Graphic Tee ShirtYellowjacket Character Badge TeesAnt-Man Character Graphic T-shirtsAnt-Man Yellowjacket Dual Helmet T-shirtsAnt-Man With Ant Swarm T-shirtsAnt-Man Futuristic Graphic TshirtAnt-Man Charge Paint Splatter ShirtsYellowjacket Overshadows Ant-Man Tshirts

More of Ant-Man

In the mean time, while we’re waiting for Ant-Man costumes, here are some things that might interest Ant-Man fans or those that are curious about Ant-Man.  Ant-Man books and backpacks.

I Am Ant-Man (Passport to Reading Level 2)Ant-Man This is Ant-Man: Level 1Marvel’s Ant-Man: The Junior NovelAnt-Man: Natural Enemy Prose Novel Ant-Man School 16 Inches Backpack16 Inch 3d BackpackSchool Bags

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