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Mariachi Musician Costumes

Have you ever been serenaded by a Mariachi band while dining in a Mexican restaurant or at a Mexican festival? It’s a fun and sometimes romantic experience.  Mariachi musician costumes can be something unique for Halloween.  If you want to be a sexy man for Halloween, get one of these Mariachi singer costumes and then serenade your lady love.  Go out as a couple with her in a gorgeous Mariachi Jalisco dress shown below.  This is a stunning couple’s costume.

If you’re looking for something less formal be sure to scroll down and see the Mariachi t-shirts.  A t-shirt would be perfect if you’re staying home and handing out candy or if you’re taking the kids trick or treating.  You could match their Mariachi costumes.  Don’t forget a Mariachi sombrero!

Mariachi Singer Adult Costume

 More Mariachi Musician Costumes

Here we have Mariachi musician costumes for men and boys.  The Mariachi suit sometimes comes with a highly decorated sombrero but not always.   You may have to purchase the sombrero separately.  Some are incorporated with Day of the Dead, however I’ve never seen that before.

 Mariachi Musician Costume Mariachi Suit Mariachi Costume Men’s Day Of Dead Mariachi MARIACHI MAN COSTUME Mariachi Costume Mexican Mariachi-


Mariachi Jalisco Dresses

Gorgeous Mariachi Jalisco Dresses for Folkloric Dance.  Great couples costumes paired with a man’s Mariachi musician costume.

The Mariachi Connection Inc Women’s Jalisco Dress 1 Piece 35 Inches From Waist To Heel Fits ( Small To XL ) TurquoiseThe Mariachi Connection Inc Women’s Jalisco Dress 2 Piece 35 Inches From Waist To Heel Fits ( Small To XL ) Turquoise

Mariachi Sombreros

Mariachi Musician Costumes include a sombrero such as one of these beautiful, colorful, elaborate sombreros.  A sombrero is an integral part of a Mariachi costume so it is a must-have.

Black and Gold Mariachi SombreroRed and Gold Mariachi SombreroMini Brim Mexican Western Sombrero Small Velvet Mariachi Sombrero Hot Pink and White Mariachi SombreroObjet D’Art Release #274Light Blue and White Mariachi SombreroGreen and White Mariachi SombreroBlack Sombrero Oversized Brim felt sombreroSmall Velvet Mariachi SombreroMexican Mariachi SombreroMexican Mariachi  Sombrero HatRoyal Blue and White Mariachi SombreroMexican Mariachi Hat Sombrero Black Silver Fancy Mexican Charro  Dark Green and Gold Mariachi SombreroLight Blue and Gold Mariachi Sombrero

Mariachi Musician Costume T-Shirts

Look at these great Mariachi t-shirts!  Perfect for someone who wants something easy and casual for Halloween.  These can be worn year round.

Viva Mexico Men’s Mexican Mariachi T ShirtMen’s Mexican Mariachi Pistolero Bandido T shirtViva Mexico Men’s Mexican Mariachi Tank Top T-ShirtMen’s Mexican Mariachi Cinco de Mayo Blue T-ShirtSoMexican Men’s Mexican Mariachi Pistolero T-ShirtT-Line Men’s Mexican Mariachi  Dressy Tux T-ShirtViva Mexico Kid’s Mexican Mariachi Charro T-ShirtJust Add A Kid Baby Boys’ Mariachi Band T-ShirtJust Add A Kid Little Boys’ Mariachi Band T-Shirt





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