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King Arthur Halloween Costumes

King Arthur Halloween costumes are always popular. What man doesn’t want to be king?

Bring back the age of true heroic love stories, of knights in shining armor, and good conquering evil. King Arthur Halloween costumes make any costumed event special.

Below you will find many version of King Arthur Halloween costumes as well as costumes for Guinevere, Merlin, as well as the knights.

Arthur was the son of Uther Pendragon, the man who captured and imprisoned the last dragon on earth.

If you a looking for the perfect costume for your local medieval fair, look below and find the best costumes for you.

King Arthur Halloween Costumes

According to legend King Arthur ruled in the 6th century. Many believe the infamous leader was only a myth, while others know he was truly the King of Camelot. Get a fun costume for yourself or go out as a couple.

King Arthur DeluxeKing Arthur Deluxe



King Arthur and Guinevere Couples Costumes

King Arthur Halloween costumes and Guinevere couples costumes are a great idea for Halloween. Romantic and heroic stories have been passed down of his love for his beautiful queen, Guinevere. Some tell of her betrayal of that love and what he chose to believe of her.

Men's King ArthurMen’s King ArthurRenaissance Maiden CostumeRenaissance Maiden CostumeKing Arthur MedievalKing Arthur MedievalRenaissance Queen ChildRenaissance Queen ChildKing Arthur AdultKing Arthur AdultDeluxe Renaissance LadyDeluxe Renaissance LadySilver King ArthurSilver King ArthurQueen Guinevere ChildQueen Guinevere Child


Merlin Halloween Costumes

Merlin, the great wizard, is central to stories of King Arthur. The part he played in Arthur’s birth, raising, and reign can be argued but his importance to the legend cannot. Get a fun Merlin costume to compliment your King Arthur Halloween costumes.

Men's Grand WizardMen’s Grand WizardMagic Wizard CostumeMagic Wizard CostumeMr. Wizard CostumeMr. Wizard CostumeWizard Child's CostumeWizard Child’s CostumeSuper Deluxe WizardSuper Deluxe WizardBoys Deluxe WizardBoys Deluxe Wizard


King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table

When you are searching for the perfect King Arthur Halloween costumes don’t forget the knights. You could have an adult party for knights and ladies or go out as a group.┬áThere are even masks that come 4 to a pack for kids medieval themed parties.

Kids Knight SetKids Knight SetKids Knight inKids Knight inKids Valiant KnightKids Valiant KnightToys Dragon SlayerToys Dragon SlayerKnight In ShiningKnight In ShiningLittle Boys' MedievalLittle Boys’ MedievalDragon Knight BoysDragon Knight BoysKnight Masks PartyKnight Masks PartyMen's Deluxe CrusaderMen’s Deluxe CrusaderMedieval Crusader KnightMedieval Crusader Knight


Medieval Chain MailMedieval Chain MailMetal Armour HandMetal Armour Hand


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