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Hugh Hefner Halloween Costumes

Hugh Hefner Halloween Costumes. Dress up as Playboy billionaire Hugh Hefner with the following Hugh Hefner Halloween costumes and accessories. Who wouldn’t want to be Hugh Hefner for a day? Hugh Hefner has certainly enjoyed the fruits of his labors! Surrounded by the most gorgeous women in the world every day.

With these Hugh Hefner costumes you get the red smoking jacket with a Playboy logo on the back like the one that Hugh made so popular, plus the smoking pipe.

These are the best Hugh Hefner costumes for Halloween. Available in all sizes for men. There are even cute and sexy Hugh Hefner costumes for women below.

Add a sailors captains hat to complete the look that Hugh Hefner made so popular.

Hugh Hefner Halloween Costumes

Are you ready to shop for the best price on a Hugh Hefner costume for men? Check out these same costume kits from two retailers. Check both and see which one has the best deal for you.

Hugh Hefner Halloween CostumeAdult Size Playboy Hugh Hefner CostumePlayboy Hugh Hefner Costume

Hugh Hefner Halloween Costumes

Do you feel like you can relate with the founder of Playboy magazine Hugh Hefner? Looking for items to make a custom Hugh Hefner costume? Take a look at the following items and get creative with your costume ideas!

Mens Sailor Captain HatMens Sailor Captain HatBachelors PipeBachelors Pipe


Hugh Hefner Halloween Costumes

Bathrobes, sailor hats, masks, sexy costumes, and more! Any of these items would be perfect for creating your own unique looking Hugh Hefner costumes.

Hugh Hefner Smoking Jacket CostumeMens Costume Hugh HefnerPlayboy Men’s SmokingHugh Hefner – Plus SizeHugh Hefner Smoking Jacket CostumePlayboy Smoking Jacket Adult CostumePlayboy Hef SmokingCaptains Hat – Skipper YourMr. Hefner MaskMens Playboy HughWomens Playboy GirlfriendWomens Playboy Girlfriend

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