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Dexter Morgan Halloween Costume

A Dexter Morgan Halloween Costume is for the daring, the brave. Therefore, you should be the person who has the most awesome costume of the year.

If you love the idea of dressing as the serial killer, Dexter Morgan, this is the costume for you.

The Dexter Morgan serial killer costume is the bloody lab scrubs. Also, Dexter can be wearing his everyday Henley and khakis for “I’m not stalking you” look.

Your inner Dark Passenger needs to take a breather therefore, you need a night out to breathe the fresh air. Therefore, this Dexter Morgan Halloween Costume will certainly get everyone’s attention and probably win you the best dressed killer costume contest.


Dexter Morgan Halloween Costume

While you wear this awesome Dexter Morgan costume you need to keep your Dark Passenger under control.

Dexter Morgan Halloween CostumeDexter Serial Killer Adult Halloween Costume

Dexter Morgan Halloween Costume

  • polyester
  • Jumpsuit
  • Apron
  • Hat
  • Boot tops
  • Toy knife, gloves, and shoes not included

For the Serial Killer Party Guy

Do you want to be the life of the party? Be the serial killer party dude in this not to be missed bloody formal suit.

Men’s Bloody Party Costume Suit

Make Your Own Dexter Morgan Halloween Costume

While you put together your own Dexter Morgan Costume you can choose the cool items to add. First of all, take a look below at the lab apron and the face shield. Those two items are sure to draw everyone’s attention. No one will ask you who you are supposed to be.


Dexter Unisex KillDexter Apron MadeDex’s Kill ShirtRothco BDU PantBlack Police TacticalDexter Blood Spattered

Dexter Morgan T-Shirts

You can use one of these cool Dexter Morgan t-shirts as part of your Dexter Morgan Halloween costume. He may be a serial killer but he’s one of the good guys, right? Okay, so maybe he’s got a few problems in the old noggin’.  But at least he goes after the bad guys.

Dexter Juniors ShirtDexter Ladies Shirt

Team Dexter TDexter Crime DramaShowtime Dexter ShrinkDexter Slice ofDexter Unisex WingsDexter Blood NeverDexter ID BadgeDEXTER TOOLS OF

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