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Couples Costumes – Zombie Halloween

Couples Costumes – Zombie Halloween. The best zombie costumes for couples to wear on Halloween. Zombie costumes are always popular for Halloween.

The zombie costumes featured below are some of the most popular and best rated that you will ever find. You are sure to find two costumes that you like from all of the zombie themed costumes for couples listed below.

Featured on this page are costume kits for couples and friends who want to dress up as a zombie couple this year. There are zombie doctors and nurses costumes, zombie sheriff and school girl, zombie prom king and queen and many other fun choices to pick from.

Make this a Halloween you will never forget. Dress up as the Walking Dead characters or other zombies with your date or friend.

The Walking Dead Couples Costumes- Zombie Halloween

The Walking Dead is one of the top shows on TV, making this couples costumes a great idea for this year. A costume combination that is perfect for couples who are going out for the evening dressed up in matching costumes.

The Walking Dead Zombie Adult CostumeThe Walking Dead Adult Zombie Costume

Doctor and Nurse Couples Costumes- Zombie Halloween

This couple was fresh out of surgery when they were bitten by the zombies and turned into zombies themselves. Dress up as a zombie doctor and nurse couple for Halloween this year.

Men’s Zombie Doctor CostumeSexy Zombie Nurse Costume

Cowboy and Girl Couples Costumes- Zombie Halloween

This couple was in the saloon knocking back a few swigs of whiskey when the zombies got them. You can dress up as a zombie cowboy and saloon girl for Halloween this year with this combination of costumes for couples.

Mens Zombie Gunslinger CostumeSexy Vampire Costume

Sheriff and School Girl Couples Costumes- Zombie Halloween

This poor sheriff was out on a call for a school girl skipping school when they were attacked by a hoard of zombies. A great costume combination for couples to wear on Halloween this year.

Zombie Sheriff Halloween CostumeZombie School Girl Costume

Zombie Groom and Bride Costumes for Couples

Could you imagine becoming a zombie on your wedding day? Here are the best groom and bride zombie costumes for couples this year for Halloween. There are lots of them to pick from. These are just a few of the best sellers.

Men’s Ghost Groom CostumeWomen’s Zombie Ghost CostumeGauze Groom CostumeWomen’s Zombie Bride CostumeDead Groom CostumeZombie Bride Costume

Zombie Football Player and Cheerleader Costumes

Friday nights will never be the same for this unlucky football and cheerleader couple. Dress up as a zombie football player and cheerleader for Halloween this year with these cute costumes for couples.

American Footballer Zombie CostumeZombie Cheerleader Costume

Zombie Prom King and Queen Costumes for Couples

The Prom didn’t end quite the way this Prom King and Queen couple had expected when a hoard of zombies over took the prom and bit everyone in the gym! Dress up as Zombie Prom King and Queen this year for Halloween!

Zombie Prom King CostumeZombie Prom Queen CostumePlus Size Zombie Prom Queen CostumeDrop Dead Prom Queen Costume

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