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Bruce Lee Halloween Costumes

The best Bruce Lee Halloween costumes. You will find the best Bruce Lee Halloween costumes right here. Go to the Halloween party dressed up as Bruce Lee.

Featured below are complete costume kits in sizes for adults and children. Or you can make your own costume ideas. You will find everything you need on this page.

Make your own Bruce Lee Halloween costume or buy one ready to go right here. You can be Bruce Lee as The Green Hornet. or a Yellow Jumpsuit like in Game of Death. Or dress up in a Halloween costume that resembles a traditional kung fu uniform. Plus several Kung Fu outfits as seen worn by Bruce Lee during the movie Enter the Dragon.

Would you like to know how to dress like Bruce Lee for Halloween? Honor the master of Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do and star of block buster hits like Enter The Dragon and Chinese Connection – Bruce Lee for Halloween.

Complete Bruce Lee Halloween Costumes

One size fits all costume for Bruce Lee fans. Bruce Lee will drop kick you twice before you blink! These complete costume kits have a muscular chest and bulky biceps and three red gashes across the chest and the shirt Velcro in the back.

Child Bruce Lee CostumeChild Bruce Lee CostumeAdults Bruce Lee CostumeAdults Bruce Lee Costume


Game of Death Bruce Lee Halloween Costumes

This yellow jumpsuit costume is brand new as seen worn by Bruce Lee in Game of Death. Be sure to read the reviews and check the sizing chart before ordering this Halloween costume. Also known as the Kill Bill yellow jumpsuit costume.

Bruce Lee Game of Death CostumeBruce Lee Game of Death CostumeGame of Death Bruce Lee JumpsuitGame of Death Bruce Lee JumpsuitSpeed 3 Shoes, Yellow/Black/WhiteSpeed 3 Shoes, Yellow/Black/WhiteTennis Shoe, Yellow/Black/WhiteTennis Shoe, Yellow/Black/White


Bruce Lee Costumes for Women

Dress up in a ladies Bruce Lee costume. If you need the best yellow jumpsuit Halloween costume, these jumpsuit is the one for you!

Women's Game of Death CostumeWomen’s Game of Death CostumeWomen's Game of Death CostumeWomen’s Game of Death CostumeWomen's Game of Death CostumeWomen’s Game of Death CostumeWomen's Game of Death CostumeWomen’s Game of Death Costume


Enter The Dragon Costume

The Perfect Halloween Costume. Complete your Bruce Lee Costume with an Enter The Dragon style kung fu outfit. This is the type of outfit Bruce lee wear in Enter the Dragon! This Black Wig Will Resemble Bruce Lee’s Hair Style. There are not any official wigs available, so this black wise guy gangster wig is the next best thing to add to your Halloween Costume to complete your look.

ROUND 5 OFFICIAL BRUCE LEEWhite Complete Kung Fu UniformBlack with White Frogs CompleteWhite With Black Frogs CompleteRubber Sole Kung Fu TaiRough Rider Rubber Nunchaku

Bruce Lee Green Hornet Kato Costume

The Best Green Hornet Deluxe Kato Halloween Costume. Go to a Halloween party dressed as Kato from The Green Hornet. Bruce Lee starred as Kato in The Green Hornet series in the 60’s. In 2011 The Green Hornet was re made and was a huge hit in theaters across the nation.

Adult Sexy Green Hornet KatoGreen Hornet Kato Adult Costume

Other Bruce Lee Halloween Costumes

Become the famous martial arts master Bruce Lee with this Enter The Dragon style kung fu Halloween costume. You will have a great time when you go dressed up as the legendary martial arts master. Everything you will need to dress up as your favorite martial arts superstar is for sale below. Dressing up as a popular actor, movie star, or even a Kung Fu action hero is fun! Available in child or adult sizes.

Mens Bruce Lee CostumeBruce Lee Kung Fu Costume

Adult Kato CostumeAdult Green Hornet Costume

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