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Al and Peg Bundy Halloween Costumes

Al and Peg Bundy Halloween Costumes. Want to dress up as Al and Peg Bundy from Married With Children for Halloween? Here are the best Al Bundy and Peg Bundy Halloween costumes. A perfect idea for couples! Get yours today.

Do you want a fun couples costume idea? Re live the 80’s and go dressed up as Al and Peg Bundy from the 90’s TV series Married With Children. They are perfect for costume, office, college dorm parties or go trick or treating with your kids.

Plus, there are Peg Bundy wigs and Al Bundy Polk High shirts and jerseys. Dress up as Al and Peg Bundy for Halloween. It is easy to do with these costume kits for men and women.

Al and Peg Bundy Halloween Costumes

Here are Peg Bundy Halloween costumes (Al Bundy costumes are below) kits for adults in a couple different styles. Each costume kit is available from a different retailer. These outfits are available from retailers below. Just in case one is sold out, you can check the other site. This is also helpful if you wish to check for the lowest price.

Peg Bundy Housewife CostumeAdult Peg Bundy Costume

Peg Bundy Costume Wigs

Here are Peg Bundy costume wigs for those of you who are creating your own Peg Bundy costume for Halloween. These wigs are available from two retailers. Go ahead and check both sites for the best deal.

Peg Bundy Costume WigPeg Bundy Costume Wig

Plus Size Peg Bundy Halloween Costume

Do you need your costume in a larger size? Here is a plus size costume kit for the Peg Bundy character from the Married With Children sitcom.

Plus Size Peg Bundy Halloween Costume

Other Peg Bundy Costume Wigs

More than likely you will need a wig to wear with your costume. How many of us wear our hair like Peg Bundy? Not me! Here are several red hair style wigs for women.

Peg Bundy Costume WigPeg Bundy Costume WigPeg Bundy Costume WigPeg Bundy Costume Wig

Al Bundy Halloween Costume T-shirts

Got a date for Halloween? Grab your husband for great couples Al and Peg Bundy costumes. Here are Al Bundy Halloween costumes for men. Start with a Polk High shirt or a No Ma’am shirt.

Al Bundy Polk High T-ShirtNo Ma’am Al Bundy T-shirt

Mens Polk High Al BundyPolk High Ladies T-shirtPolk High Child T-shirtMen’s Polk High T-Shirt

Al Bundy Married With Children Costumes

Here are t-shirts for Al Bundy costumes. You can get creative and make a football player Al Bundy, or get the NO MA’AM club costume, or check down below for a nice business suit outfit your could us to make your own Al Bundy Halloween costume.

Al Bundy Polk High Jersey CostumeNo Ma’am Al Bundy Costume T-Shirt


Al Bundy Shirt Pant Tie Costume for Halloween

An Al Bundy costume is easy to pull off. Al Bundy is the epitome of the middle aged blue collar worker. A married shoe salesman who works in a mall. A simple pair of tan dress pants and a long sleeve dress shirt and tie was the daily uniform of Al Bundy. Don’t have those in your closet? Pick up a set below. Pulling off Al Bundy’s crazy character will be a different story though. I will leave that up to you!

Men’s Flat Front PantMen’s Long Dress Shirt Tie

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